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Environmental Expert is a leading B2B marketplace, professional network & information resource that connects over 1,000,000 global environmental professionals from the industry, government and research & development sectors to more than 32,000 environmental companies & organizations that provide the products, services and information they need on a daily basis.

Through our portal and suite of over 60 e-bulletins, we deliver an unmatched wealth of environmental industry information and resources to qualified buyers, like supplier listings, product catalogs, publications, events, articles, job postings, news & more.

We provide suppliers of environmental industry products and solutions a myriad of online marketing services aimed at generating qualified buying leads, new customers & new markets.

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Environmental Expert is constantly seeking motivated professionals with interest and/or experience in online marketing & the environmental industry to contribute to our multicultural environment here at our Madrid, Spain headquarters.
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Environmental Expert Sections

Environmental Expert's industry portal is the world's largest, containing key information from over 32,000 companies around the world within the following sections:

  • Products & Equipment - The world's most extensive sortable list of environmental industry product catalogs.
  • Software & Online Solutions - Cutting edge IT solutions to environmental issues ranging from air pollution, health & safety, groundwater, water modelling & more.
  • Consulting, Engineering & Management Services - We are one of the only industry portals that gives service providers a prominent place.
  • Professional Training & Education< - We believe in lending our users a helping hand in their professional development so we've put the world's best training & education programs in one place.
  • Articles, Case Studies, Reports... - An extensive resource for professionals, with tens of thousands of industry-specific white papers, case studies, reports, and more written by industry experts.
  • News & Press Releases - Users keep up-to-date with current news and press releases from around the industry. Updated daily!
  • Events Calendar - By far the most complete industry-specific events calendar. It's the only place where professionals can effectively keep track of all the important upcoming trade shows, conferences, seminars, workshops, and more.
  • Books, CD-Roms... | Magazines & Journals - Our online bookstore and news stand contain material from the major publishers within the industry. Browse thousands of publications and purchase online!
  • Jobs - A fantastic reference for both entry-level and experienced professionals seeking employment within the industry. Thousands of jobs currently online!
  • pEEple - A brand new section of the site giving the experts behind the industry a place to network and build valuable relationships with their peers.

Site Traffic

Thousands of environmental professionals visit us every day, primarily from North America (37%), Europe (24%), and Asia & the Middle East (27%). They rely on Environmental Expert to find suppliers of the products, services, and information they need to perform their jobs successfully. Find out more about Environmental Expert user statistics.

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We help thousands of companies worldwide to reach new customers and to expand into new markets. To learn more about our online marketing services, check our advertising information.

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Vision, Mission & Values


We strive to become the most recognized and trusted media brand for environmental industry professionals and organizations world-wide by offering superior online information resources, marketing and communication solutions.


We are the environmental industry’s online community, marketplace, information resource, and content management system, where industry professionals and experts freely publish, share and promote their expertise to potential customers and peers.


Motivation – Environmental Expert employees are focused, hard-working individuals, with determination to learn proactively.

Improvement – To keep up with the rapidly changing markets, we constantly and passionately strive to learn, teach, adapt, and push ourselves and one another to improve.

Communication – The key to Environmental Expert's open communication is listening to, respecting and understanding each other.

Responsibility – We are driven to meet and exceed our responsibilities towards our clients, each other and the local and global communities of which we are a part of.

Team Spirit – To ensure the optimum workplace Team Spirit is fostered through trust, commitment and patience in dealing with one another, having fun as we go along.

Sustainability – We contribute to global sustainable development by publishing, sharing and distributing state-of-the art knowledge on best environmental practices.