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Model MDU-30 to MDU-3000 - Injection Molding Debinding Units



Modern injection molding debinding units enable high quality and cost efficient production cycles. For small batches of injection molding components the unit type MDU unites debinding, vacuum drying and solving recycling in one unit. Medium and big batches are handled by two simultaneously working and communicating units: one debinding and drying unit and one solvent recycling unit.

The debinding in units of the MDU series takes place under vacuum. After loading the debinding reactor with parts it is evacuated using a vacuum unit. As soon as the desired vacuum value is reached, the reactor chamber is flooded with solvent. The binder is removed from the green parts during the debinding process using tempered solvent in an injection-circulation procedure. This special procedure provides a high debinding rate even with parts of varying form and geometry.

For reduction of emission the solvent is cooled throughout the discharging process. At the end of the debinding process the solvent then is discharged into a integrated buffer tank.

During the following drying process the parts are dried with inerting gas injection washing under vacuum. The injection method here also provides optimal drying rates even with highly varying parts. The solvent vapors which result from the drying are condensed in a special heat-exchanger and are fed back into the process.

In the last process step the vacuum distillation of the solvent (or water) which is contaminated with the binder takes place, so that after that the solvent can be reused for a fresh debinding process.

Redundant heating regulation
  • Temperature measurement in the reactor and in the heating carrier for constant debinding temperature
Realtime pressure measurement with EX-transducer
  • for continous monitoring of the debinding process
  • for automatic release of the solvent filling
  • for regulation of the reactor inerting
Continous level measurement through capacitive EX-probe
  • Freely adjustable levels for regulation of the automatic filling and discharge
  • Analysis and graphical display at the touchpanel display
  • Permanent leak test during the debinding process

Injection circulation

  • Special circulation procedure for high debinding rates even with parts of varying form and size

Inerting gas injection washing under vacuum

  • Optimal drying rate even with parts of varying form and size

Closed tank system with vapor recovery pipeline

  • Best emission/ environment protection
  • Minimal solvent loss
  • Increased explosion protection

Systems engineering according to european regulations

  • Highest operational safety

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