20 Tips for 20 Years – How Suppliers Can Get the Most out of XPRT

To celebrate XPRT’s 20th anniversary, we’re showing our appreciation to the suppliers who have helped support us over the years with these 20 tips for getting the most out of XPRT. Straight from the people who know how to maneuver XPRT best, this is our 20th anniversary gift to you.


Optimizing your storefront content & settings


This set of tips is all about using XPRT’s tools to attract the right buyers. Remember, if you’re an XPRT Premium member, contact us anytime and our team will do the work for you.


Tip #1: Make a great first impression – Prospects landing on your storefront will be more likely to engage with your content and contact you if they see great visuals from minute one. That means uploading your company logo and a background image. And don’t forget to add images to your products & services.


Tip #2: Add all of your products & services – The more products & services you have listed on XPRT, the more likely it is buyers will find you. There are no limits. Add yours today!


Tip #3: Target the right locations – Your locations served determine which prospects can get in touch with you. It’s important to review them so you’re not missing out. Just scroll down to the Locations Served section of this page.


Tip #4: Add all of your offices & distributors – On that same page, make sure to add all your offices and distributors so that your company and products show up when buyers filter their searches by location.


Tip #5: Add downloads and videos for more leads – Buyers researching their next purchase on XPRT love to delve into downloads and videos. If you’re an XPRT Premium member, you’ll know exactly who is viewing your downloads and videos so that you can follow up.


Tip #6: Target the right industries – This lesser known feature allows you to better connect with buyers in the industries you sell to. Just scroll down to the Industries Served section of this page.


Tip #7: Improve your search rankings – A quick way to ensure your products and services appear higher on XPRT search result pages is by including the most accurate keyword in the product title field. See this FAQ to find out how.


Tip #8: Link your content together – Another lesser known but very powerful feature. When editing any of your products & services, scroll to the bottom and click the Add related content button. Doing this allows buyers who land on your product page to see downloads, videos, articles & more related to that product.


Tip #9: Let prospects know what events you’re attending – Events you’re attending will appear on your company profile page and your company name will appear on the attendee list of the event profile as well. Simply scroll down to the Events attended section of this page.


Tip #10: Encourage your customers to leave product reviews – What better way to attract new customers? Each of your product and service pages on XPRT contains a Customer reviews section at the bottom. Simply send customers a link to the appropriate product page/s hosted on XPRT and ask them to publish their review. Buyers will love it.


Tip #11: Add content regularly – Got new products, videos, articles or news stories? Don’t forget to add them to your XPRT storefront. New content typically gets an early boost both on XPRT and search engines, so it can get the attention of new prospects.


Tip #12: See which content attracts the most interest – Just below the graph on the front page of your tracking report, there’s a handy list of the most popular content on your storefront along with the names of any buyers logged in while viewing those pages. Use the list to get clues about which content is connecting best with buyers on XPRT and which similar content you may want to produce in the future.


Managing your leads


Tip #13: Subscribe the right people to request notifications – We send every lead you generate on XPRT by email in real time, and you don’t want to miss any of them. Make sure the people who need to reply to these leads are subscribed to RFI/RFQ alerts by updating your Staff & Administrators page.


Tip #14: Reply quickly to your requests – Many buyers send their requests to multiple suppliers, so make sure you stand out from the crowd by replying before everyone else.


Tip #15: Pick up the phone and call prospects – Some buyers include their phone number in their requests sent to you. Why not pick up the phone and give them a personal touch that will set you apart?


Tip #16: Screen generic or dubious requests – When you’re not sure a lead is genuine or the right quality, have some qualifying questions ready so you can reply promptly and gather the info you need to determine whether or not it’s worth spending more time on it.


Tip #17: Close your requests – Just above each message in your lead inbox, you’ll see a green switch that allows you to close the request. Once a request has been handled, make a habit of closing your requests and specifying the reason for closing. This helps XPRT do a better job of fine-tuning lead quality.


Tip #18: Message your soft leads – With XPRT Premium, you can send messages to all leads who have interacted with your storefront while logged in. This is a great opportunity to thank prospects for their visit, ask if they need any more help and convert soft leads into buyers.


Tip #19: Import your leads into your own CRM – Also with XPRT Premium, you can export your lead data into your own CRM so that you can follow up appropriately using your standard marketing funnels. Simply click the PDF or XLS buttons just below the graphs on any of your tracking reports.


Add the secret sauce for lead generation


Tip #20: Give XPRT Premium a try – If you haven’t already tried it, XPRT Premium helps suppliers 1) save time and let the XPRT team manage and optimize your storefront for you and 2) generate up to 200 times more leads than with your free profile. You’ll also have access to the full contact details, including the email address of all your leads. Schedule a 10-minute live personalized demo to find out how XPRT Premium could help you meet your lead generation goals.

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