About XPRT Media

Bridging the gap between industrial buyers and suppliers of environmental, energy, agricultural & medical solutions

Our Mission

XPRT helps suppliers expand their reach by providing them a robust marketing platform to showcase their latest offerings, manage their product catalogs and interact with buyers across the globe. And we provide buyers a powerful set of tools to help them pinpoint their search for solutions across our markets.

XPRT Media connects industry professionals with suppliers of cleantech, energy tech, agritech & medtech solutions.

Our Story

XPRT started in 1999 with our flagship marketplace, Environmental XPRT, which now lists over 43,000 companies and helps more than a million professionals find the right solutions. In 2013 we launched Agriculture XPRT, focused on helping agriculture professionals with buying power connect with leading agritech suppliers. We then launched Energy XPRT in 2017 and Medical XPRT in 2022.

Whether you are a supplier of industrial goods and services wanting to reach buyers internationally or a professional looking for a specific solution, XPRT can help.

The XPRT Team

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