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How to Build and Optimize Your Product Pages on XPRT

In order to generate more leads, building and optimizing your product pages on XPRT isn’t just important, it is essential. Nothing illustrates this better than the following fact. Out of the thousands of requests for quotations and requests for info buyers send to potential suppliers via XPRT marketplaces every month, 87% are sent while buyers Read more »

How Can XPRT Help Manufacturers Who Only Sell Through Distributors?

If you’re involved in marketing for a manufacturer that sells its products through distributors only, you may wonder how a supplier discovery platform like XPRT could be of any help to you. After all, isn’t it your distributors’ job to make sure your products reach the appropriate end users? Yes and no. Yes, your distributors Read more »

Now You Can Contact All Your XPRT Leads

If you have a free company profile on the XPRT platform, listen up! We’ve just made a huge improvement to the way you can interact with your leads. You’ve always been able to reply to your hard leads (prospects that send you RFIs or RFQs), but now you can also send messages to your soft Read more »

What’s the Value of a Soft Lead on XPRT?

On the XPRT platform, buyers interacting with your storefront are known as soft leads. These buyers may have downloaded your brochures, white papers, or case studies; viewed your videos; or viewed your company’s phone number. Their nearest equivalent in the marketing world are leads generated through content marketing. If you publish gated content on your Read more »