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Why does XPRT send me requests about my competitors’ products?

Buyer: “I’m interested in receiving a quotation for one of your competitors’ products.”   You (scratching head): “Why on earth are you sending this to me? This must be a mistake.”   Short explanation: It’s not a mistake. The buyer did send the original request to your competitor, but they also gave XPRT permission to Read more »

What You CAN and CANNOT Do with Your XPRT Free Profile

Would you like a better understanding of how your free company profile on XPRT works but haven’t had the time? If so, then this is your golden opportunity. Today’s post clarifies the benefits & limitations of this powerful lead generation tool so you can confidently incorporate it into your marketing operations.   Yes, you CAN Read more »

The Two Types of XPRT Leads…and What You Can Do with Them

You’ve read the headline correctly. All XPRT leads can be classified into just two simple categories. We call them hard leads (direct messages from potential buyers) and soft leads (buyers who interact with your content). We promise if you spend five minutes reading this post, you’ll understand the difference between these lead types, as well Read more »

How Can XPRT Attract More Attendees & Exhibitors to Your Events?

While XPRT is especially well known for connecting industrial buyers from around the world to suppliers of environmental, energy & agricultural solutions, our relationship with decision makers from a wide variety of industries and sales & marketing professionals from environmental, energy & agricultural suppliers puts us in a unique position to help event organizers targeting Read more »