XPRT Premium Customer Stories

Over 70,000 B2B suppliers from around the world trust XPRT Premium to generate quality leads and reach new buyers on Environmental XPRT, Energy XPRT, Agriculture XPRT & Medical XPRT.

XPRT Customer Testimonials

Charlotte Stridh

Marketing manager at Eldan Recycling A/S

An easy and efficient online marketplace for promoting our recycling machines all over the world. In addition, a very good tool for tracking success.
Kent Kuss

Sales & marketing at Challenge Technology

In the beginning, we at Challenge Technology were looking for several partners to carry our site to a global audience. We tried 3 or 4 partners to begin with and the results told us within the first year that XPRT outperformed all the others. We elected to go with XPRT exclusively and have continued now for several years and made the jump to the Silver Level in 2012. XPRT has been most responsive and offers a full suite of options for reaching and maintaining our customer base.
Brad Garrett

Sales & marketing at SnowPure Water Technologies

Honestly our sales rep is amazing! He has always been there, been prompt, respectful, and courteous to all of our needs. We worked with him to set up a complete listing including backlinks, product images, articles, newsletters, and much more. If we ever have any questions XPRT is always on top of it and we always see results from the work we do together. XPRT has been a great platform for a company like ours trying to reach international engineers in the water purification industry who are normally hard to reach in the online world of marketing. With a specific industry such as ours, we have found it useful in targeting related people and companies that we would not normally be able to reach; be it through newsletters or just our listing in general.
Laila Sukkariyyah

Director, Global Programs at Water Environment Federation (WEF)

The WEF marketing group reviewed several websites that serve as storefronts and found that Environmental XPRT was by far the best choice. We receive direct leads and requests for information for our conference, WEFTEC, which have proven to be very effective in attracting attendance to our show. We can associate sales of technical and training publications to leads that have come via Environmental XPRT.
Jeffrey Ducato

Marketing and Promotion Manager at AMPOL

I have only been a Gold member a few months out of the 3-year contract with XPRT, and honestly, I have not made a better marketing/sales investment. I am completely satisfied with my rep, Alex, who always responds quickly and always beats agreed upon deadlines. Who I am conversing with in a campaign is very important to me, so I was pleased to see how personable he is and how much effort he puts into the campaign being a total success. Before XPRT, I had 2000 visitors to my site on a great month. Now the amount has more than doubled, and each lead comes with what pages they clicked on our site, downloads viewed, and contact info. The amount of autonomy is more than any I have previously come across. I'm a marketer, so promoting is what I do. If you're not in that field, just rely on the fact that you couldn't find better guidance.
Adam Krumbein

Director of marketing & advertising at Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.

I´ve worked with XPRT for many years now, and they provide a great service for people like me who are looking for new ways to make sure our products and services are noticed by relevant customers in our industry. The XPRT team is very responsive to my needs and always willing to help should I need anything. As a business service provider, XPRT does a great job.
Klas Lang

CEO at Weda AB

Weda is a Swedish producer of underwater cleaning robots for public pools and all types of industrial tanks and reservoirs. Since the introduction of our industrial cleaners, we have searched for the best solutions to market our cleaners to the industrial sector. This is complicated since we are looking at so many different niches within the industry. Weda recently joined Environmental XPRT, first on a trial basis and later on, based on the positive results and the number of qualified leads from a wide variety of industrial companies around the world, on a paid subscription basis. The number of leads is steadily increasing so I have no problem suggesting that any company or organization looking for alternative ways of promoting their products try the XPRT platform.
Nahla Sherif

Marketing coordinator at Campbell Scientific, Inc.

What we value most is the amount of traffic and leads we are generating and the ability to get contact information for those leads. I would also like to point out that account managers are simplifying the process and making this a very pleasant experience.
Jeannie Kozak

Senior Environmental Engineer at Shell Engineering & Associates, Inc.

XPRT has been really helpful in showcasing our evolving services and products in Environmental Compliance Services and Tools.
Ayyan Karmakar

Chief of Staff at Oizom Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

The XPRT platform is a great solution for generating relevant leads. The support received by the team is very good and quick.
Norbert Meyer

Managing Director at BITControl GmbH

We have been using Environmental XPRT for years and continuously get requests for our AQUA DESIGNER software.
Ingeborg Hohe-Dorst

Area sales manager at Bertin Instruments

For many years I have appreciated the requests received through XPRT, sometimes even from customers with whom we have already entertained business relations. In a number of cases we could also close new business. XPRT definitely extended our worldwide customer base and disposes of very useful tracking tools.
Steven Pedigo

Chairman/CEO at Oil Spill Eater International, Corp. (OSEI)

We appreciate the great exposure Environmental XPRT has given The OSEI CORPORATION for the last 12 years and look forward to another great 12 years to come.
Kevin Summ

Marketing manager at Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.

The Environmental XPRT platform is one of our primary online channels for promoting Anguil’s industrial air pollution control and wastewater treatment solutions. The company profile places our brand in front of a large audience of environmental professionals while targeted email blasts allow me to pinpoint a specific region or industry with relevant messaging.
Andriana Gigova

Marketing content manager at BÜCHI Labortechnik AG

XPRT has been one of our most successful third-party platforms for lead generation and brand awareness. The website is extremely user-friendly and we love having full control over the content. Our contact is quick, competent and a pleasure to work with. XPRT is also a fantastic source for promotion of all types of lab equipment, even instruments not strictly related to environmental analysis. We receive regular quote requests through our profile on the site, the targeted e-mail blast generates amazing results and our investment with this platform has paid for itself many times over. We look to continue our successful collaboration with XPRT for many years to come.
Laura Silvello

Marketing & Communications Coordinator at Fluence Corporation

XPRT provides a user-friendly interface for businesses and readers. As an XPRT Premium member, we can independently upload photos, edit articles and update content in no time, and in case of need an XPRT sales rep is always available to help! The tracking platform is outstanding and lets us understand which are the most engaging publications and obtain full details on qualified leads. In this way, we can quickly show the ROI to management and the consistent growth in the quality of leads.
Erika Yang

Overseas Marketing at Focused Photonics Inc. (FPI)

Focused Photonics Inc. (FPI) is a leading manufacturer of analytical instrumentation for industrial process and environmental monitoring. With XPRT, we have continuously increased our brand awareness with complete marketing solutions and have twice the number of visitors to our website and more inquiries than in the past. The tracking report helps us better optimize SEO and set up new promotion plans, and XPRT always gives us a quick and clear response to our questions. In short, XPRT is an excellent platform for Chinese B2B companies to broaden their overseas market and access targeted customers.
Charlotte Ebbesen

Marketing assistant at Viking Wind ApS

XPRT delivers a high level of customer service by following up on requests quickly and effectively and going the extra mile to ensure satisfaction. Their kind and patient staff is always very accommodating and service-minded. The platform is easy-to-use and, more importantly, lets customers do the editing themselves if they want to, thus giving a high level of independence and free reign over the platform’s content.
Andreas Koutsoukos

President & Managing Director at Devise Engineering SA

XPRT has been a very useful marketing tool and provides an excellent platform for networking and product finder for engineers and procurement managers to source environmental products and technologies globally. We have been happy with the services and I would recommend other businesses to connect.
Axel Schuler

Head of marketing at DILO Armaturen und Anlagen GmbH

XPRT has done a great job adding our relevant content to their portal. Very little work for us in marketing with a big impact in creating high quality leads for our sales department and our agents.
Ivelina Peneva

Marketing assistant at Innovative Sensor Technology (IST)

As a longtime customer, we are overall satisfied with XPRT Media. We are happy that we can add so much content (data sheets, videos, product information…), which attracts a lot of visitors to our website, as well as RFQs. Your customer service is exceptional – friendly, always helpful, and supportive. The tracking report and online content manager are customer friendly. We are sure that we will continue our cooperation with XPRT Media for years to come.
Heidi Brown Lewis

Senior director, operations & marketing at Bergeson & Campbell, P.C.

XPRT is consistently one the very best drivers of traffic to our websites, often ranking in the top 10 of referring sites. Those great results, coupled with attentive and informed service from their staff, make XPRT a valued marketing partner.
Jiawen Miao

Marketing at Harden Machinery Ltd.

XPRT has been a great help to us to reach international customers. This platform is an excellent place for people searching for the most suitable solid waste management equipment around the globe.
Erich Koßin

Senior Sales Manager at atech innovations gmbh

atech has trusted the experts at Environmental XPRT for many years. Through this platform, we are perceived as a producer of ceramic membranes worldwide and receive many high-quality inquiries. Without XPRT, we would have never had access to these contacts.
Alberto Wahnon

Product manager at Opgal

As a longtime user of the great solution XPRT is providing for our company and its products, we expect many more years to come, with equal or even better professional cooperation and assistance. The personal interface and fast response makes day-to-day work very easy, useful and prosperous. The fact we get interest from people in the market in which we work makes it an excellent way to generate awareness and promote new solutions. The user-friendly platform allows us to upload and change content on the spot, which is very unique.
Elizabeth Berndt

Marketing at SoundPLAN International LLC

12 years of good service!
Rob Coffee

VP Sales & Marketing at Proco Products, Inc.

XPRT Premium has provided us with quality leads that have turned into quotes and even orders. We appreciate the effort extended by XPRT Premium to aid us in our selling process.
Charles Jennings

General manager at Jenfitch, Inc.

Environmental XPRT is helping me lead the promotion of our new technology into the water treatment industry. After completing all the regulatory requirements, we now have one of the leading publications helping us develop our worldwide market.

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