Location and Keyword Driven Banner Campaigns

Target your ads and drive traffic to your site

Pinpoint Targeting
Display banners to locations you serve and on keywords relevant to your business.
Raise Branding & Awareness
Put your company in front of prospects looking for what you offer.

Why run a banner campaign on XPRT?

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Target the right audience

Make your impressions count by choosing specific locations and keywords to target.
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High visibility

Get prime real estate on our homepages & search result pages. We deliver around 10,000 impressions per month depending on demand for the keyword and location you select.
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Flexibility and control

Switch your creatives as often as you like. Choose the campaign duration and number of banner impressions to fit your budget.
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Run multiple campaigns simultaneously

Run different campaigns at the same time with different keyword and location targeting. Great for split testing!
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Tailored to your needs

Our staff will advise you on the best way to structure your display ads depending on your needs & budget.
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Full analytics on demand

Our staff will provide you with impression & click data anytime you wish.

What banner sizes & formats are available?

Depending on your needs, you can run one or multiple banners simultaneously. Choose from the following ad formats:

Display Home Page Feature

Home page feature

With great size comes great visibility with this 960x400px, our largest banner slot right on the homepage of Environmental XPRT, Energy XPRT, Agriculture XPRT or Medical XPRT.
Display Leaderboard


Appearing at the top of all search result pages, this 728x90px slot is designed to reach the largest cross-section of site visitors.
Display Skycraper

Wide skyscraper

This 160x600px banner displays alongside search result pages, and is ideal for driving clicks to your company website.
Display Medium

Medium rectangle

This 300×250 banner appears on the news mainpages of Environmental XPRT, Energy XPRT, Agriculture XPRT or Medical XPRT.

How much does it cost?


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