Maximize leads & branding with XPRT Premium Gold

Our star package gives you triple the leads of a Silver Package, leaderboard display banners and 2 direct email campaigns to 10,000 buyers each.

200 Times More Leads
Gold Members generate an average of 200 times more leads than free profiles.
Direct Email Marketing
Target prospects by industry, location & interests with your own email blasts. 2 x 10,000 buyers!
Branding & Visibility
The gold level includes leaderboard banner campaigns on targeted pages, newsletters & product alerts to maximize your brand’s visibility.

Why choose a Gold Package?

You get all Bronze & Silver Package features, plus:

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200 Times More Leads

On average Gold Members generate 200 times more leads than free profiles. Upgrade to Gold to maximize leads for your business.
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2 Email Blasts Included

Send direct emails segmented by industry, interest or location to 10,000 qualified buyers, get immediate results & download contact details of buyers who clicked so you can follow up. And get a 20% discount for additional email blasts.
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Leaderboard Banner Campaign

For maximum branding & leads, 728×90 leaderboard banners appear on the header of relevant pages, newsletters & product alerts and exclusively sponsor topic pages of your choice across Environmental XPRT, Energy XPRT, Agriculture XPRT & Medical XPRT.
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1st Priority Search Positioning & Exposure

Get maximum visibility on relevant searches, related content modules, site homepages & product alerts. Your brand & products get seen first by the right buyers.
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10 Hosted Webinars

Host on XPRT allows you to host & promote 8 webinars or online training sessions per year. Valuable face-to-face contact with your clients & prospects!
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12 Newsletter & Product Alert Ads

Reach thousands of industry professionals subscribed to the targeted newsletters & product alerts of your choice. Deliver your message on premium ad space with image, 700 characters of text & links.
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12 Showcase Campaigns

Boost a product, event, or the content of your choice on search results, newsletters & product alerts for an entire month. Perfect for time-sensitive promotions.

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Main Features

Lead-generating storefront

Your own site on the XPRT platform with branding & contact forms for buyers

Reply to RFIs & RFQs

Reply instantly to buyers sending requests via your storefront

Full lead access

Get the full name & contact details of all leads & export or sync to your CRM

Real-time tracking report

Your own site on the XPRT platform with branding & contact forms for buyers

Unlimited content

Add products, services, events, news, articles, downloads, videos, etc. with our easy-to-use CMS

Follow up on soft leads

Contact buyers who view key content such as downloads & videos

Get matched to buyers

Get requests from buyers who have asked XPRT to find the right suppliers for them

Search positioning & exposure

Appear on relevant searches, related product modules & site homepages

Hosted webinars

Host & promote your webinars comfortably on the XPRT platform

Content updates & optimization

We save you time by updating  your content for you & ensuring you reach the right audience

API access

Extract lead details in order to sync to your CRM, marketing automation software or bespoke systems

Ad-free storefront

Get rid of 3rd party ads on your storefront & place your ads on competitors’ content instead

Drive website traffic

Add links to your own website from the top of all pages of your XPRT storefront

Newsletter & product alert ads

Reach out to professionals subscribed to our targeted newsletters & product alerts

Showcase campaigns

Boost a product, event, etc. on search results, newsletters & product alerts for an entire month

Email blast discount

Get automatic discounts for your direct email marketing campaigns

Targeted display banners

Keyword & location targeted 300x250 and 160x600 campaigns

Email blasts included

Reach a specific audience & deliver your message straight to their inbox

Leaderboard banner campaign

728x90 banner at top of pages relevant to your business / 468x60 banner atop relevant newsletters & product alerts






1 Total




3rd Priority

3rd Priority

5 per year

1 per year

4 per year

5% off




2nd Priority

2nd Priority

8 per year

4 per year

6 per year

10% off

1 x 2,000 buyers/year




1st Priority

1st Priority

10 per year

12 per year

12 per year

20% off

2 x 10,000 buyers/year

What some of our Gold Members are saying

  • Jeffrey Ducato
    I have only been a Gold member a few months out of the 3-year contract with XPRT, and honestly, I have not made a better marketing/sales investment. I am completely satisfied with my rep, Alex, who always responds quickly and always beats agreed upon deadlines. Who I am conversing with in a campaign is very important to me, so I was pleased to see how personable he is and how much effort he puts into the campaign being a total success. Before XPRT, I had 2000 visitors to my site on a great month. Now the amount has more than doubled, and each lead comes with what pages they clicked on our site, downloads viewed, and contact info. The amount of autonomy is more than any I have previously come across. I'm a marketer, so promoting is what I do. If you're not in that field, just rely on the fact that you couldn't find better guidance.

    Jeffrey Ducato

    Marketing and Promotion Manager at AMPOL
  • Adam Krumbein
    I´ve worked with XPRT for many years now, and they provide a great service for people like me who are looking for new ways to make sure our products and services are noticed by relevant customers in our industry. The XPRT team is very responsive to my needs and always willing to help should I need anything. As a business service provider, XPRT does a great job.

    Adam Krumbein

    Director of marketing & advertising at Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.
  • Nahla Sherif
    What we value most is the amount of traffic and leads we are generating and the ability to get contact information for those leads. I would also like to point out that account managers are simplifying the process and making this a very pleasant experience.

    Nahla Sherif

    Marketing coordinator at Campbell Scientific, Inc.
  • Steven Pedigo
    We appreciate the great exposure Environmental XPRT has given The OSEI CORPORATION for the last 12 years and look forward to another great 12 years to come.

    Steven Pedigo

    Chairman/CEO at Oil Spill Eater International, Corp. (OSEI)
  • Kevin Summ
    The Environmental XPRT platform is one of our primary online channels for promoting Anguil’s industrial air pollution control and wastewater treatment solutions. The company profile places our brand in front of a large audience of environmental professionals while targeted email blasts allow me to pinpoint a specific region or industry with relevant messaging.

    Kevin Summ

    Marketing manager at Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.
  • Andriana Gigova
    XPRT has been one of our most successful third-party platforms for lead generation and brand awareness. The website is extremely user-friendly and we love having full control over the content. Our contact is quick, competent and a pleasure to work with. XPRT is also a fantastic source for promotion of all types of lab equipment, even instruments not strictly related to environmental analysis. We receive regular quote requests through our profile on the site, the targeted e-mail blast generates amazing results and our investment with this platform has paid for itself many times over. We look to continue our successful collaboration with XPRT for many years to come.

    Andriana Gigova

    Marketing content manager at BÜCHI Labortechnik AG
  • Laura Silvello
    XPRT provides a user-friendly interface for businesses and readers. As an XPRT Premium member, we can independently upload photos, edit articles and update content in no time, and in case of need an XPRT sales rep is always available to help! The tracking platform is outstanding and lets us understand which are the most engaging publications and obtain full details on qualified leads. In this way, we can quickly show the ROI to management and the consistent growth in the quality of leads.

    Laura Silvello

    Marketing & Communications Coordinator at Fluence Corporation
  • Alberto Wahnon
    As a longtime user of the great solution XPRT is providing for our company and its products, we expect many more years to come, with equal or even better professional cooperation and assistance. The personal interface and fast response makes day-to-day work very easy, useful and prosperous. The fact we get interest from people in the market in which we work makes it an excellent way to generate awareness and promote new solutions. The user-friendly platform allows us to upload and change content on the spot, which is very unique.

    Alberto Wahnon

    Product manager at Opgal
  • Elizabeth Berndt
    12 years of good service!

    Elizabeth Berndt

    Marketing at SoundPLAN International LLC

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