How much time will I need to invest in XPRT?

If you’re unfamiliar with how XPRT Premium can help your business generate leads, you may be worried about the time it takes to learn a new system, publish your storefront, set up & target your campaigns, etc. In the digital age, you can literally spend days figuring out new and ever more complex marketing tools. And as a marketer, you’re already very busy. The last thing you need is another time drain.

That’s why XPRT, unlike other lead generation tools, strives to make things simple, so simple that you, as a marketer, may spend practically no time at all.

How will XPRT save you time?

1) XPRT builds your storefront

When you upgrade to XPRT Premium, our team builds a full storefront based on the information available on your own website so that buyers navigating XPRT can find you. We add all relevant content (products, downloads, videos, case studies, distributors, etc.) and review important settings such as locations served.

2) XPRT updates & optimizes your storefront

With XPRT Premium, our team periodically updates and optimizes your storefront content, so you don’t have to worry about it. And if you do need to make an urgent change, you may simply contact our support team and we’ll handle it for you.

3) XPRT can set up all campaigns included in your package

XPRT Premium packages include campaigns to get additional exposure for your products & services, such as product showcases, newsletter sponsorships, display campaigns, and email blasts. Our team can schedule and set up all of these campaigns for you. No banners? We’ll create attractive banners for you. Need an HTML for your email blast? We’ll put together a high converting email for you.

4) XPRT places your products in all relevant categories & keyword searches

No need to send keyword lists or browse through thousands of categories to ensure your products are appearing in the right areas of Environmental XPRT, Energy XPRT, and Agriculture XPRT. We do all that for you before your XPRT Premium membership starts.

So should I spend any time on XPRT at all?

If you’re in marketing, not really, but there are a few things to be aware of:

1) Reviewing your storefront

Once our team builds your storefront, you should spend at least a few minutes reviewing it to make sure the information is correct.

2) Following up with leads

As the marketer, you’re probably not responsible for following up with leads, but someone in your business will need to handle leads if you want them to eventually convert to customers. Simply let us know who follows up with leads, and we’ll make sure that person receives all lead notifications instantly by email.

3) Tracking your performance

You’ll already have an idea of how well your XPRT Premium membership is performing if you’re copied on lead notifications or receive our weekly and monthly tracking reports by email. But if you want to explore things further, you will have permanent access to an easy-to-use online tracking report, complete with month-by-month charts.

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