How to Qualify Your XPRT Leads

Don’t you just love finding the words request for quote as you scan your inbox in the morning? For marketers or sales prospectors, a prospect asking about the price of your products is one of the greatest rewards possible for your hard work promoting a business.


But no two requests for quotation are alike. Some are serious about buying. Some are not, and these can be a tremendous waste of resources. That’s why qualifying your new lead is such a crucial step in determining its potential value and what sort of time investment, if any, it requires.


Lead qualification processes have an enormous impact on overhead costs and can make the difference between a business that struggles to be profitable and one that makes profitability look easy. Just imagine what would happen if your sales team focused on a group of leads that converted 50% of the time versus a group of leads that converted at a rate of 25%. That would mean doubling your sales team’s output! A solid lead qualification process can achieve these sorts of conversion rate improvements and more.


With that in mind, let’s take a look at some effective questions you can ask in order to qualify the leads you are receiving through your profile on XPRT and make sure you’re putting your resources in the right places.


Effective lead qualification questions


You will see the full message of the buyer’s request on the lead notification email you receive as well as on the lead view of your XPRT inbox. While some buyers already provide lots of relevant details in their message, many use the default texts for request for quotation and request for information available on your product request forms, which look like this:




When the buyer has used one of the default texts or hasn’t provided much detail in their request, we urge you to reply with some of the following qualifying questions in order to determine the lead’s potential value:


1) What’s your full name and job title?


If you’re at the free level, you will only see the buyer’s first name and last initial, but you may request the buyer’s full name when replying so that you can research them on LinkedIn. We also recommend asking for the buyer’s job title to see if it matches your company’s typical buyer profile.


Getting immediate access to the buyer’s full name and job title (if provided) is a feature of our XPRT Premium Bronze, Silver & Gold levels.


2) Can you provide your company name & website?


At the free level, you will not see the buyer’s company name either. This is done to ensure suppliers reply through the XPRT platform, which in turn allows us to identify which buyers have not received replies to their requests and help them find alternative suppliers.


Nevertheless, we understand how vital it is to research the buyer’s company when it comes to establishing the lead’s potential value, so you should always request the buyer’s company name and website when replying to your XPRT leads.


Getting immediate access to the buyer’s company name and email address is a feature of our XPRT Premium Bronze, Silver & Gold levels.


3) Can you describe your project and requirements?


Rather than assume buyers know which product suits their needs, it’s a good idea to ask buyers to describe their project or requirements so that you can be sure you’re offering the right product. Their answer to this question is especially important in determining the lead’s potential value.


4) What other relevant specs do you require?


Buyers may have prior experience with the types of products you sell or be looking for a replacement. In these cases, they will more than likely be able to provide a list of their required specs so that you can more easily determine whether or not the request is quotable. Before asking this question, check what specs the buyer has already provided by viewing the request in your XPRT inbox.


Enriched requests: Inbox


5) How many units of the product do you require?


Don’t forget to ask this fundamental question for determining the potential value of the request. Once again, check the request in your XPRT inbox to find out if the buyer has already provided this information.


Enriched requests: Inbox


6) Where do you need this to be delivered?


XPRT prescreens leads based on the buyer location when no delivery location has been specified and based on delivery location when provided by the buyer. If you receive a lead outside your geographical scope, be sure to update your locations served to prevent receiving leads from those areas in the future. Check the request in your XPRT inbox to find out if the buyer has already indicated where the product should be delivered.


Enriched requests: Inbox


7) When do you need this to be delivered?


Delivery time can be a potential dealbreaker so be sure to find out before you send the lead to your sales team.


8) Are you the product’s end user?


Though you should be able to determine whether the buyer is an end user or reseller by researching his or her company, it doesn’t hurt to ask just to be sure. Check the request in your XPRT inbox to find out if the buyer has already identified the end user.


Enriched requests: Inbox


Ready to qualify your XPRT leads like a pro?


Check your XPRT inbox for any new leads today and try asking some of the above qualifying questions to get a better idea of lead value.


If you don’t have any fresh leads, check out these 4 steps to start generating leads with XPRT.


If your business doesn’t have an XPRT profile yet, take a couple minutes to add your free company profile here.


Or if you’d like more info on how XPRT Premium can help you qualify your leads and generate more of them, request a demo to discover all the benefits.

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