Now You Can Contact All Your XPRT Leads

If you have a free company profile on the XPRT platform, listen up! We’ve just made a huge improvement to the way you can interact with your leads. You’ve always been able to reply to your hard leads (prospects that send you RFIs or RFQs), but now you can also send messages to your soft leads (prospects who have viewed key content on your storefront, such as downloads, videos, or white papers). Let’s take a quick look at what this means for your business.

How can I reply to my soft leads?

If you’re subscribed to your company’s Lead Interaction Alerts (check your subscriptions here), every time a prospect downloads content on your storefront, views a video, or views your contact details, you’ll receive an email that looks like this:

Simply click on the button in that email then write your message and send the form at the top right:

You can also find a list of all your leads in the Unique Identified Leads section of your XPRT tracking report. Just click any name on that list to access the form that allows you to send a message to your lead:

What’s the value of sending messages to soft leads?

Let’s imagine a prospect views a video demonstrating how one of your star products works. Why not reach out to that prospect and politely ask what they thought of the product or if they require more information about it? A quick message does no harm and that extra touch of customer care will give your company an advantage over any competitors the prospect is evaluating.

If the prospect replies to your message, it’s an indication that they may be worth more of your time. Once you’ve established contact, you can then start a deeper conversation to find out more about their needs, what projects they are working on, the company they work for, timelines, etc.

You may also continue the conversation outside of the XPRT platform by requesting the prospect’s email address and/or phone number. By popular demand, that information is no longer stripped from messages being exchanged over the XPRT platform.

The ultimate goal of these changes is to help businesses advertising their products and services on XPRT establish more meaningful relationships with buyers, better evaluate the quality of leads generated through XPRT, and improve your sales pipeline.

Make the most of your soft leads today!

If you already have an XPRT profile, view and message your leads.

If you have an XPRT profile but no recent leads, publish downloads and videos to generate more leads.

If you don’t have an XPRT profile, take a few minutes to publish your free company profile.

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