Get more leads & branding with XPRT Premium Silver

Our most popular package gives you double the leads of a Bronze Package, enhances branding with targeted display campaigns & allows you to send an email blast to 2,000 potential buyers.

60 Times More Leads
Silver Members get an average of 60 times more leads than free profiles.
Branding & Visibility
The silver package includes banner campaigns on targeted pages to help boost your brand’s visibility.
Direct Email Marketing
Target prospects by industry, location & interests with your own email blast. 1 x 2,000 buyers!

Why choose a Silver Package?

You get all Bronze Package features, plus:

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60 Times More Leads

On average Silver Members generate 60 times more leads than free profiles. Upgrade to Silver to generate a steady stream of leads for your business.
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1 Email Blast Included

Send a direct email segmented by industry, interest or location to 2,000 qualified buyers, get immediate results & download contact details of buyers who clicked so you can follow up. And get a 10% discount for additional email blasts.
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Targeted Display Banners

300×250 and 160×600 banner campaigns that target specific keywords & locations. Perfect for maximizing value per impression!
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2nd Priority Search Positioning & Exposure

Get a greater boost on relevant searches, related content modules, site homepages & product alerts. Your brand & products even more visible to the right buyers on Environmental XPRT, Energy XPRT, Agriculture XPRT & Medical XPRT.
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8 Hosted Webinars

Host on XPRT allows you to host & promote 8 webinars or online training sessions per year. Valuable face-to-face contact with your clients & prospects!
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4 Newsletter & Product Alert Ads

Reach thousands of industry professionals subscribed to the targeted newsletters & product alerts of your choice. Deliver your message on premium ad space with image, 700 characters of text & links.
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6 Showcase Campaigns

Boost a product, event, or the content of your choice on search results, newsletters & product alerts for an entire month. Perfect for time-sensitive promotions.

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Main Features

Lead-generating storefront

Your own site on the XPRT platform with branding & contact forms for buyers

Reply to RFIs & RFQs

Reply instantly to buyers sending requests via your storefront

Full lead access

Get the full name & contact details of all leads & export or sync to your CRM

Real-time tracking report

Your own site on the XPRT platform with branding & contact forms for buyers

Unlimited content

Add products, services, events, news, articles, downloads, videos, etc. with our easy-to-use CMS

Follow up on soft leads

Contact buyers who view key content such as downloads & videos

Get matched to buyers

Get requests from buyers who have asked XPRT to find the right suppliers for them

Search positioning & exposure

Appear on relevant searches, related product modules & site homepages

Hosted webinars

Host & promote your webinars comfortably on the XPRT platform

Content updates & optimization

We save you time by updating  your content for you & ensuring you reach the right audience

API access

Extract lead details in order to sync to your CRM, marketing automation software or bespoke systems

Ad-free storefront

Get rid of 3rd party ads on your storefront & place your ads on competitors’ content instead

Drive website traffic

Add links to your own website from the top of all pages of your XPRT storefront

Newsletter & product alert ads

Reach out to professionals subscribed to our targeted newsletters & product alerts

Showcase campaigns

Boost a product, event, etc. on search results, newsletters & product alerts for an entire month

Email blast discount

Get automatic discounts for your direct email marketing campaigns

Targeted display banners

Keyword & location targeted 300x250 and 160x600 campaigns

Email blasts included

Reach a specific audience & deliver your message straight to their inbox

Leaderboard banner campaign

728x90 banner at top of pages relevant to your business / 468x60 banner atop relevant newsletters & product alerts






1 Total




3rd Priority

3rd Priority

5 per year

1 per year 

4 per year

5% off 




2nd Priority

2nd Priority

8 per year

4 per year

6 per year

10% off 

1 x 2,000 buyers/year




1st Priority

1st Priority

10 per year

12 per year

12 per year

20% off

2 x 10,000 buyers/year

What some of our Silver Members are saying

  • Charlotte Stridh
    An easy and efficient online marketplace for promoting our recycling machines all over the world. In addition, a very good tool for tracking success.

    Charlotte Stridh

    Marketing manager at Eldan Recycling A/S
  • Kent Kuss
    In the beginning, we at Challenge Technology were looking for several partners to carry our site to a global audience. We tried 3 or 4 partners to begin with and the results told us within the first year that XPRT outperformed all the others. We elected to go with XPRT exclusively and have continued now for several years and made the jump to the Silver Level in 2012. XPRT has been most responsive and offers a full suite of options for reaching and maintaining our customer base.

    Kent Kuss

    Sales & marketing at Challenge Technology
  • Brad Garrett
    Honestly our sales rep is amazing! He has always been there, been prompt, respectful, and courteous to all of our needs. We worked with him to set up a complete listing including backlinks, product images, articles, newsletters, and much more. If we ever have any questions XPRT is always on top of it and we always see results from the work we do together. XPRT has been a great platform for a company like ours trying to reach international engineers in the water purification industry who are normally hard to reach in the online world of marketing. With a specific industry such as ours, we have found it useful in targeting related people and companies that we would not normally be able to reach; be it through newsletters or just our listing in general.

    Brad Garrett

    Sales & marketing at SnowPure Water Technologies
  • Ivelina Peneva
    As a longtime customer, we are overall satisfied with XPRT Media. We are happy that we can add so much content (data sheets, videos, product information…), which attracts a lot of visitors to our website, as well as RFQs. Your customer service is exceptional – friendly, always helpful, and supportive. The tracking report and online content manager are customer friendly. We are sure that we will continue our cooperation with XPRT Media for years to come.

    Ivelina Peneva

    Marketing assistant at Innovative Sensor Technology (IST)
  • Jiawen Miao
    XPRT has been a great help to us to reach international customers. This platform is an excellent place for people searching for the most suitable solid waste management equipment around the globe.

    Jiawen Miao

    Marketing at Harden Machinery Ltd.
  • Erich Koßin
    atech has trusted the experts at Environmental XPRT for many years. Through this platform, we are perceived as a producer of ceramic membranes worldwide and receive many high-quality inquiries. Without XPRT, we would have never had access to these contacts.

    Erich Koßin

    Senior Sales Manager at atech innovations gmbh
  • Charles Jennings
    Environmental XPRT is helping me lead the promotion of our new technology into the water treatment industry. After completing all the regulatory requirements, we now have one of the leading publications helping us develop our worldwide market.

    Charles Jennings

    General manager at Jenfitch, Inc.

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