What’s the value of a soft lead on XPRT?

On the XPRT platform, buyers interacting with your storefront are known as soft leads. These buyers may have downloaded your brochures, white papers, or case studies; viewed your videos; or viewed your company’s phone number. Their nearest equivalent in the marketing world are leads generated through content marketing. If you publish gated content on your own website such as white papers, webinars, or other exclusive content, you are already producing the equivalent of soft leads and know how essential they can be to your business’ sales pipeline. But what’s the value of soft leads produced with your XPRT profile?

Build your in-house mailing list

Buyers navigating YOUR XPRT storefront are viewing YOUR content, so we make it clear in our privacy policy that buyers are granting YOUR business permission to contact them. This means you can build your in-house database with soft leads generated by your storefront. At the XPRT Premium level, you may export this data, including the email address, directly to your CRM, while at the free level, you may message your soft leads and request their contact details through the XPRT platform.

Follow up immediately

No matter whether you’re an XPRT Premium or a free member, you are allowed to follow up with soft leads right away through XPRT’s platform. The difference is that at the XPRT Premium level, you get immediate access to buyers’ full profiles & contact details, including email address in order to follow up via your own email client.

Don’t underestimate email addresses from free email providers

At the XPRT Premium level, you have access to the email addresses of all your leads, including your soft leads. Note that many of our buyers log in to XPRT using their LinkedIn account, which is oftentimes attached to an email address from a free email provider (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, etc.) rather than a company email address. That’s why it’s important not to disregard buyers with free email accounts. They may be valuable leads!

Learn what buyers are interested in

When a buyer becomes a soft lead, you can track what pages of your storefront they have viewed in order to gain a better understanding of their interests before reaching out to them. This data allows you to personalize followup and maximize your chances of converting soft leads into hot prospects.

Know what markets your XPRT profile attracts

Soft leads come with data such as industry, location & job title, while XPRT Premium members also get access to email addresses and company names. You may use this data to understand which of your target markets your XPRT profile reaches, as well as consider other markets you may not currently be targeting but show interest in your products. Imagine your business sells exclusively to North America, but your XPRT profile generates quality leads from Europe. Maybe it’s time to search for distributors in the European market!

Are you generating soft leads?

If you already have an XPRT storefront, simply log into your Unique Identified Leads Report to find out who’s interacting with your content.

We also urge you to subscribe one or more people to lead interaction alerts so that your business can react immediately to soft lead activity on your storefront.

No XPRT profile yet? Take a couple minutes to join for free here and start generating more leads for your business.

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