Why does XPRT send me requests about my competitors’ products?

Buyer: “I’m interested in receiving a quotation for one of your competitors’ products.”


You (scratching head): “Why on earth are you sending this to me? This must be a mistake.”


Short explanation: It’s not a mistake. The buyer did send the original request to your competitor, but they also gave XPRT permission to forward the request to similar suppliers.


How to handle these requests


In all likelihood, you’ve already seen these sorts of requests popping into your lead inbox. They typically read like this: Hello, I’m interested in receiving a quotation for [insert your competitor’s product title] by [insert your competitor’s company name]. Kind regards.


You receive them because when the buyer submits a request on your competitor’s storefront, they check the box that reads Yes, please send to similar suppliers.


Request matching checkbox


At this point, XPRT works its database magic to match and forward the buyer’s request to other suppliers selling similar products. When we match a buyer’s request to you, you should see the following text on the request notification email: The below request has been matched to you via XPRT Sourcing. You may communicate with the buyer just as you would with any other request received through XPRT.


The request will also appear in your XPRT inbox, and you may manage the lead in the exact same way you would any other lead. When replying, we recommend letting the buyer know that you don’t sell the product requested but that you do sell something similar.


XPRT’s matching service saves buyers lots of time and increases the chances they find a suitable solution for their needs and come back to XPRT whenever they have more requirements in the future. And return buyers are always a good thing for suppliers like you who are promoting your solutions on the XPRT marketplace.


Over to you


So there you have it. Those requests concerning competitors’ are not mistakes. They are additional sales opportunities for suppliers and a huge reason why buyers use the XPRT marketplace.


Have you skipped any recent requests you felt we sent you by mistake? Check your inbox and reply to them today.


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And if you have any further questions, contact us anytime.

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